X-Border Payments Optimization Tracker - September 2015 Edition*

X-Border Payments Optimization Tracker - September 2015 Edition*

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The X-Border Payments Optimization Tracker™ is an organizing framework for evaluating the many players that provide merchant payment processing services geared for cross-border payments. 


  • China’s cross-border online retail trade grew 44 percent to $71.8 billion, including $51.2 billion from exports in 2014 (up 40 percent from the previous year), and companies are rushing to cash in on it.
  • Alibaba entered into an exclusive deal with Macy’s for an online flagship store on Tmall.
  • Amazon, on the other hand, is inviting Chinese companies to sell through its new initiative “Global Selling.”

Tracker Updates

We added five new companies to the tracker: AltaPay, Boku, Braspag, Cardstream and Earthport. Of these providers, Cardstream broke into Top 10 scoring companies across all categories.


This month we explore the effects China’s transitioning economy has on the spending habits of the consumer. Hint: More good news for merchants across the world.

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