X-Border Payments Optimization Tracker - December 2015 Edition*

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– Canadians represent 37 percent of global cross-border shoppers, with over 60 percent or 15 million shoppers thronging to American sites. The X-Border Optimization TrackerTM for December explains why Canadians are thankful for a borderless internet and maps Canada’s eCommerce ecosystem and where it fits in retail.

– In this issue, we’ve profiled 59 global payment service providers, including five additions to the Tracker: 2C2P, Alternative Payments, Creditcall, Linkpay and PPRO.

– Of these providers, we also updated five players. Coinify was updated with information on currencies it accepts, Vantiv was updated regarding its fraud features, Cybersource on the number of countries served, and Digital River on its omnichannel services. The PAY.ON logo was also updated due to its recent acquisition by ACI Worldwide. Updates to all these players resulted in some adjustments to scores.


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