X-Border Payments Optimization Index™ - December 2016 Edition

X-Border Payments Optimization Index™ - December 2016 Edition

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This quarter, the PYMNTS X-Border Optimization Index™ tracks the journey of 192 merchants who are vying for their share of the global eCommerce windfall.

The index takes the pulse on how merchants are improving on attributes conducive to international eCommerce in countries that include Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the United States. The verdict: The U.S. is still ahead of the rest, but not by much.


  • Spain is the new rising x-border star. Spanish merchants improved their checkout process by cutting down the total number of clicks and pages involved. The average shopping time went down from 3 minutes in Q3 2016 to to 2.8 minutes this past quarter.
  • Chinese merchants are leading the pack when it comes to offering products and services in different languages. An average of 63 percent of Chinese merchants offered six or more languages. By comparison, U.S. and U.K. lagged far behind.
  • Free shipping gained in popularity among sellers. In Q3 2015, 47 percent of the merchants offered free shipping. Now 58 percent do.

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