The SMB Technology Adoption Index

The SMB Technology Adoption Index

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The Small Business Technology Adoption IndexTM, powered by Sage, is the result of an in-depth survey of nearly 700 small to medium businesses across the country.

The focus was to find the degree to which these entities have adopted or are in the process of adopting technology to facilitate payments.
The study set out to find how these enterprises measure up against behemoths in their space, to discover their priorities and concerns with regards to payment acceptance and cash flow management.

Key findings include: Ninety-two percent of all businesses accept checks and 84 percent accept cash, beating out the “new” electronic forms of payment.

Also, a whopping 61 percent of the enterprises surveyed said that they don’t have an issue with their current systems and processes, while 44 percent said that they adopt any new technology with a lot of caution.

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