The Future of Payments and Generation X and Y

The Future of Payments and Generation X and Y

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This report explains how the future of the payment card industry will be defined by the preferences of those who bear the generational labels “X” (now between the ages of 29 and 47) and “Y” (now between the ages of 14 and 28). These generations have already made their mark on many consumer brands and represent the consumer marketer’s biggest opportunity. Individually, they show distinct preferences in everything from websites, mobile phones, social media and digital entertainment content, making the task of appealing to their desires difficult and yet crucial to success.

This report includes original statistical analysis using data from the Survey of Consumer Finances and the Survey of Consumer Payment Choice.   8 figures include credit card debt by generation; technology adoption including internet, mobile and smartphone adoption; credit card debt payoff rates by age; and the average number of credit cards held by generation.  The report, authored by leading financial consultant Scott Murray, discusses the implications of these statistics and how Generation X and Y will change the future of payments. 

Author Information

Scott Murray is a Principal at Market Platform Dynamics and works with clients to analyze, size and scope competitive and strategic market conditions and assess the economic impact of market dynamics utilizing data from a variety of secondary and primary sources.  His work includes the creation of operationally based financial models to identify and measure KPIs, enabling quality strategic decisions including: product design and pricing, market sizing and revenue potential, financing and capital structure alternatives, operational and financial risk/return, and sensitivity analysis. He has 20 years of experience in the area of competitive and industry data analysis, industry research, and valuation analysis to support financial plans, including the development of sophisticated financial models to determine the impact of revenue and profitability growth on the value of a business, market or market niche. He is a key GEG project resource on matters involving the examination of the competitive payments landscape and the size and scope of key market opportunities therein.

Length: 13 pages

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