Smartpay - Top Me Up Scotty!

Smartpay - Top Me Up Scotty!

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Smartpay is one of the larger mobile payment companies in China offering SMS-based payment services. Currently, Smartpay's main service is mobile top-up - that is, paying one's phone bill through the phone itself. Once they have built a loyal user base that has grown comfortable with making payments through the mobile phone, Smartpay will then focus on offering a more comprehensive mobile payment solution to its users.

Key Topics

·         Smartpay currently focuses on mobile top-up services simultaneously targeted at young, urban users and rural, un-banked users.

·         Smartpay is China Unicom’s dominant mobile top-up partner.

·         The company has strong financial backing from foreign and domestic investment firms.

·         Smartpay-licensed dealers offer top-up services to an additional 500,000 unregistered users.


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