Real Banks for Real People - A Roadmap for Managing a Retail-Only Bank

Real Banks for Real People - A Roadmap for Managing a Retail-Only Bank

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Real Banks for Real People describes a totally new way of serving the needs of consumers: an approach that is neither premised on – nor measured by – volume of sales, but rather on the ability of a bank to provide solutions to its customers through the span of life changes: employment, unemployment, marriage, divorce, child-rearing and retirement. Its emphasis is on establishing and maintaining long-term relationships between customers and branch staff – these, according to the report, are the source of value in retail banking.

Originally published as Beyond Retail Banking: How to Keep Your Customers Happy and Loyal Forever, Lafferty Group is proud to be making Stefan Kaminsky’s report - originally published in 1989 - available in an edited version, bringing it up to date with developments including online banking, the use of social media, and regulatory changes. Real Banks for Real People, is prefaced with an introduction drawing attention to the key themes emerging in the current dialogue around banking and the role and responsibilities of financial services providers.


In the wake of the 2008-2010 banking crisis Kaminsky’s all too prescient observations chime with critiques now being heard coming from all quarters - customers, regulators, governments, and even from within the banking system itself. Retail banking, it has become evident, has become regarded by the industry as an unglamorous, poor relation of investment banking. As a result, the all-important trust between ordinary customers and banks has been critically damaged.

Real Banks for Real People is essential reading for anybody involved, or who regards themselves as a stakeholder in the retail banking world, including regulators, journalists, finance ministers, and of course retail bankers. Some will find it provocative. Others revelatory. It will rapidly establish itself as a key document in the ongoing debate about the future of retail banking.


Author Information

Lafferty Group is a major provider of advanced knowledge services for the financial industry worldwide, with particular specialisations in the fields of retail banking, cards & payments and central banking.


Published: April 2011

Length: 170 pages


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