Payments as a Service Tracker - March 2016

Payments as a Service Tracker - March 2016

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The Payments as a Service Tracker™, powered by Cayan, is a monthly report designed to give an overview of the trends and activities of merchant platforms that not only enable payment processing of new and old technologies, but also integrates with other features that make the merchant’s experience easier, such as customer engagement, security, omnichannel retail experience, analytics, inventory management, software and hardware management, and more. 

The tracker also includes the latest news and highlights about key players of the Payments as a Service Space, as well as a directory describing key providers and their capabilities, and a scoring for each firm.

Inside the March Tracker: 

  • Profiles and scores for 18 players in the space, including 4 new providers. 
  • A conversation with Henry Helgeson, the founder and CEO of Cayan, about the trend lines that are pushing merchants into a world where the point of sale is all about the point of sales today. 
  • Notable news, including nuggets about a recent Visa and Planet Payment partnership, Agilysis and casino adoption, and new software developer kits for iOS and Android. 

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