Payment Report Brazil

Payment Report Brazil

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Subject: Payment Market, Payment Schemes, Payment Service Providers, Acquirers, Risk Management, Coverage Brazil, 54 Payment Schemes, 9 Payment Service Providers, 9 Acquirers

The report is based on extensive research and analyses of the local conditions, requirements and habits of the Brazilian payment market. Aside from indispensable statistical data, the report contains detailed information about local players, payment methods and schemes as well as market shares. Additionally, the report includes a general commerce and payment market overview, with special emphasis on e- and m-commerce. Last but not least, it contains practical advice on how to profit from all the business opportunities that internationalisation and globalisation offer, making the report a comprehensive and valuable resource to understand the dynamics of the Brazilian payment market.


Publisher Information

PAY.ON is a leading developer and provider of payment and risk management technologies and a global processor of online payment transactions. The company is headquartered in Munich with subsidiaries in Salzburg, Hong Kong and Manila. As one of the world's leading processors of online payment transactions, PAY.ON makes it prerogative to share its knowledge and provide payment professionals with significant and compact information; information that is systematically structured and easily applicable, but most of all is vital for all strategic decisions concerning market entries, structures and competition.

Published: October 2011

Length: 242 pages

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