Online Payment & e-Commerce in China 2012, Report 2

Online Payment & e-Commerce in China 2012, Report 2

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Online Payment and e-Commerce in China 2012 is the newest edition to our series of reports covering online payment and payment providers in China. 

In the past few years, China's e-commerce market has been expanding rapidly. When this report was first published in 2009, only 50.6% of transactions were processed through an online payment channel. Today, more and more payments are occurring online: 73.9% of transactions are processed online and only 11.6% of transactions are cash on delivery. In this report we identify the characteristics of the Chinese online payment market and China's B2C e-commerce market. We identify the problems payment providers and online merchants face, and we explain the solutions that are key to overcoming these problems. Ultimately, this report provides the reader with a deeper understanding of e-commerce and online payment in China today while simultaneously displaying the trends that help shape future developments in the market.  The data is developed from our systematic and rigourous methodology, where we carried out 100 in-depth interviews with leading online merchants across a variety of sectors.

Key Topics Covered

Key factors shaping the development of e-Commerce in China

Market Surveys: China's online merchants and online payment providers

Trends and the future of e-Commerce in China

Opportunities for foreigners players

Publisher Information

Maverick China Research is a China-based market research firm founded in 2006. We provide business-to-business research and market entry services for clients seeking opportunities in China. We have published over 20 major reports on key industry sectors and companies in China and provide tailored research and consulting services to clients from a broad range of sectors; areas of expertise include electronic payments and e-commerce, telecommunications, agriculture and medical devices. Typical projects include feasibility studies, partner searches, due diligence, and long-term sector tracking.

Date of Publish: 29 June 2012

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