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According to new research published by Miura Systems, shoppers clearly have a need for speed. Now more than ever, customers around the world expect restaurants, retailers and other businesses and merchants to provide full-service mobile payment processes that go past the simple act of paying of a bill.

In that vein, several retailers recently rolled out hardware and software designed to make the checkout process as quick, convenient and enjoyable as possible for customers across the globe.

Here’s a look at some recent notable mPOS news items:

KCB Bank and GoSwiff announced a new partnership at the World Economic Forum in Kigali, Rwanda, that will bring mobile payments to the African nation. The mPOS system will be the rst available in Rwanda, and is designed to make the collection of insurance premiums and public payments more ef cient.

Meanwhile, Miura and Powerpay21 announced they would partner to make Miura mPOS hardware available to merchants in Europe. Miura executives called Powerpay21’s customer base “an ideal t” as the company continues to expand internationally.

Datacap Systems also debuted a new product. The company rolled out an EMV-enabled payments solution for mobile and browser-based POS providers in the U.S. The solution, dubbed TranCloud, is designed for mobile and browser POS and will be able to process transactions through several processors while also providing PIN pad hardware from leading OEMs.

Keep up with the latest solutions, products and trends in the mPOS Tracker News section.

Mobile powers new ways to pay for parking

It wasn’t too long ago that nearly all parking fees were paid for with quarters or cash, and if you didn’t have any, you were out of luck. With the advent and rise of mobile technology, however, apps like Passport allow drivers to pay for parking and other transit expenses right from their phone.

As mobile payment technology continues to evolve, it could pave the way for further innovation in parking and other payment sectors. To look at some of the challenges and opportunities brought by the rise of this new tech, the May Tracker cover story features an interview with Brad Powers, CTO of Passport

May Tracker Updates

In this issue, we’ve pro led 218 global mPOS providers to highlight the players contributing to the activities taking place across the burgeoning ecosystem. Among the providers, there are 5 additions to the Tracker: WePay, Uni ed Payments, Teamwork Retail, AccuPOS and iMobile3.

Additionally, pro les of 19 existing players were updated based on partnerships and other announcements:

AnywhereCommerce, CardFlight, GoSwiff, Miura, Nomanini, orderbird, payleven, PowaPOS, Revel Systems, Spire Payments, SumUp, Upserve and Verifone.


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