Microfinance for Profit - A Global Study

Microfinance for Profit - A Global Study

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From its origins as a not-for-profit movement centered in the Asian sub-continent and dedicated to improving the lives of the poor through the extension of tiny loans, microfinance has recently started to capture the public's imagination as well as the attention of global banking players.

Microfinance For Profit - a Global Study looks at how the sector has evolved from its not-for-profit roots into a movement that is becoming increasingly concerned with financial sustainability. The report analyses how this shift towards profit focus - and the implication that operational surpluses are generated in order to lessen reliance on donor funding - is regarded as the most controversial aspect of microfinance today.


Microfinance for Profit - a Global Study contains over 100 pages and covers the following key areas:


* Defining the microfinance market

We discuss the institutions involved in microfinance - from tiny not-for-profit outfits to sophisticated microfinance investment vehicles (MIVs) and assess a market which is similarly diverse in geographic terms with widely varying degrees of financial services and microfinance penetration by country and region.


* Case studies of microfinance institutions

A look at how some of the bigger names in microfinance have evolved to become some of the most profitable financial services businesses on the globe and and review the ways in which they have refined their business models, expanded their sources of funding and their product suites and embraced technology to approach remarkable levels of sophistication.


* Case studies of global financial institutions involved in microfinance

Why some of the largest commercial banks have moved beyond seeing microfinance as a philanthropic effort and recognised the potential of the sector. Featured case studies include: Barclays, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, ING Group, Morgan Stanley and several others.


* Investing in microfinance

With increasing analyst and ratings agency coverage, microfinance is now in demand as an asset class with growing numbers of benchmark IPOs and acquisitions facilitating valuation models. We look at how investors can look forward not only to strong returns but an increasing number of routes to exit.


Author Information

Lafferty Group is a major provider of advanced knowledge services for the financial industry worldwide, with particular specialisations in the fields of retail banking, cards & payments and central banking.


Published: August 2010

Length: 104 pages


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