Merchant Acquiring: North America

Merchant Acquiring: North America

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 Merchant Acquiring: North America – 2013 update

North America’s merchant acquiring market is one of the most advanced and largest in the world thanks mainly to the presence of the US - a regional and global behemoth in terms of payment cards. 

The region itself consists of just two markets: Canada and the US. However, for the purpose of comparison, we have borrowed Mexico from Latin America and included it as part of our North America overview.

The return of the US as the leading global credit cards market was firmly enshrined in 2012 as the country overcame an unprecedented period of financial woe, regulation and a shrinking credit cards market to stem the tide that has seen its global dominance shrink in recent years. As profitability returned to above pre-crisis levels in the credit cards market, so too did key acquiring metrics.

While the US merchant acquiring business has strengthened in recent years, its northern neighbour Canada ¬– which has a banking sector that was arguably one of the least affected by the global financial crisis – has maintained its strong performance. 

Merchant Acquiring: North America offers a fascinating benchmarking of the three countries covered in the report, highlighting the many contrasts and experiences found within and between each market.

Merchant Acquiring: North America provides you with critical data for each country, including: 
-Number of cards per 100 adults 
-credit cards
-debit cards
-prepaid cards
-Key credit/debit card metrics 
-billed volume
-number of transactions
-average transaction value
-Merchant acquirer market shares, including: 
-number of merchant accounts
-number of POS transactions
-billed volume of POS transactions
-Issuer/issuing processor relationships
-Acquirer/acquiring processor relationships 
-Issuing processor market shares by card numbers
-Acquiring processor market shares by number of POS transactions.

Additionally, the report provides a thorough examination of key issues such as consolidations, acquisitions and alliances that will help you to review your current strategies in a rapidly evolving market, as well as helping you to benchmark your activities against your peers – nationally, regionally and internationally. 

Published: April 2013
Length: 56 pages

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