IPS - In the Money Through a Merchant Focus

IPS - In the Money Through a Merchant Focus

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IPS is one of China’s oldest third-party payment providers, and through their online payment platform, is one of the few Chinese payment providers making a profit. To date, they have been successful where others have failed by focusing on merchant-targeted online payment solutions. IPS has been able to make money in spite of a very small registered user base of only 1.5 million. In this report, we dissect how IPS, already 7 years in the industry, has been successful so far and whether or not their strategy is suitable for future growth in China's payment industry.

Key Topics

·        IPS focuses on accumulating merchant partners and not individual users for its online payment platform.

·        IPS is one of the few Chinese payment providers with positive cashflow, putting them in position to grow their business rather than start up a business.

·        Strong and aggressive sales and marketing teams, have led to high exposure in local conferences, events, and the press.

·         IPS leverages funding and technology from its Hong Kong-listed parent, Universal Technologies Holdings.

Publisher Information

Maverick China Research is a China-based market research firm founded in 2006. We provide business-to-business research and market entry services for clients seeking opportunities in China. We have published over 20 major reports on key industry sectors and companies in China and provide tailored research and consulting services to clients from a broad range of sectors; areas of expertise include electronic payments and e-commerce, telecommunications, agriculture and medical devices. Typical projects include feasibility studies, partner searches, due diligence, and long-term sector tracking.

Published: October 2007

Length: 27 pages

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