Global Wire Transfer Choices

Global Wire Transfer Choices

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This paper presents a global review of how local, regional and international interbank wire transfers are executed.  The paper analyzes funds transfer systems in Poland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Finland, Russia, Israel, Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, in addition to European, West African, Central African and global systems. 

Gross systems analyzed in this paper include SWIFT, TARGET2,  Sorbnet, SIC, TARGET2-Suomen Pankki, BESP, SyGMA, STAR-UEMOA, Zahav, Fedwire, LVTS, SPEI, STR, MEP, CNAPS, Zengin RTGS, MEPS+, BAHTNET, and RTGS.  For each country’s system, a summary is provided as well as a table indicating regional service locations, time frame (speed of delivery), volume, and size of transactions able to be processed.  

This report provides information on the time, cost and volume constraints of the underlying systems.  The funds transfer systems that exist in a particular region form a necessary backbone for most payment systems and this report lends crucial insight into how these systems operate.   


Author Information

Czapek Research Ltd. is a research consulting firm with branches involved in historical and modern archival research.  Headquartered in London with a branch office in Jerusalem, Czapek Research Ltd. advises clients in locating relevant documentation and data. Potential applications include establishing precedents, investigating the history of potential business partners, merger targets and asset structures or investigating historical and cultural issues concerning potential expansions into new target markets.

Length:  18 pages

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