Global Citizen Index - Q2 2016

Global Citizen Index - Q2 2016

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Who is a Global Citizen?

Seeking and creating opportunities for obtainable dreams

As the lottery slogans go, all it takes is a dollar and a dream. But, for most who buy the tickets, the dollar disappears and the dream, whatever it may be, is left unful lled.

For those who can put many more dollars together – one way or another – and enroll in a highly regarded educational institution and put in the hard work required, the dream can arguably become attainable.

But what is the dream?

For the purpose of generality, most people want to improve their lives – whatever varying states they may
be in, in the moment. In today’s global economy, these dreams are more readily pursuable outside of the
constraints of where one lives or was born. If you can cut through red tape and nd a way to fund an endeavor that helps pursue a dream – often easier said than done – you can uproot your life in pursuit of opportunities for a better one.

More often than not, better opportunities start with education. For those who live in countries with education that, for whatever reason, doesn’t make the cut or where there are restrictions and constrictions – in China, for example, there just isn’t the breadth of elds of study available as there is in countries like the United States – associated with getting a good education to pursue dreams, their focus may turn international.

Enter the Global Citizen pursuing cross-border education.

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