Europe at the Point of Sale Card transactions in the EU-27 (Free)

Europe at the Point of Sale Card transactions in the EU-27 (Free)

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The mobile payment market has gained tremendous momentum over the past few years. Both small but ambitious startups as well as established players are frequently introducing new solutions in many areas of the world. On the one hand, this development has been made possible by an ever increasing smartphone penetration, with more and more people using their mobile devices for far more than just doing phone calls. More importantly though, companies have found ways to include these mobile devices into mobile payment solutions that build on top of existing infrastructures and networks and thus require a minimum of behavioral change from their users.

For both the mobile Point of Sale as well as the mobile Commerce space, the current development bears a huge potential. Whether it is add-on services such as loyalty programs or coupons for merchants, or an enriched shopping experience for users – the possibilities are vast. At payworks we are very excited about these promising opportunities for all players along the value chain.

In order to better understand the receptiveness of European countries for new kinds of mobile card acceptance solutions, we looked into the key metrics of card payments at the Point of Sale for each of the EU 27 countries. We found that on average each individual is doing a growing number of transactions with payment cards. At the same time, the cards are used to pay for smaller amounts. Even though this trend seems to be prevalent throughout Europe, there are still considerable differences between the various countries. The numbers, which can be found in this report, provided us with a better understanding of the current market environment – hopefully they also provide some new insights for you.


Length: 35 pages

Publication date: October 21st, 2012


Author Bio

payworks is a leading provider and operator of white label mobile payment solutions for payment providers, banks and telecommunication companies. The company's payment products comprise both turnkey solutions and modular components in the areas of mobile Point of Sale and mobile Commerce. The company is the first independent player in Europe with an open and flexible chip & PIN processing infrastructure for mobile payment providers. Having supported multiple companies in the setup of regulatory compliant mobile card acceptance solutions in different geographical areas of the world, payworks is a dedicated payment expert in the mobile Point of Sale space.

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