Checkout Conversion Report™– October 2016

Checkout Conversion Report™– October 2016

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The Checkout Conversion Index™ measures the payments conversion problems that arise when consumers encounter friction in their digital shopper experience. The CCI is based on a team of “shoppers” shopping at over 650 U.S.-based eCommerce sites across 14 merchant categories. We identified more than 55 attributes and used them to score merchants on how easy (or hard) going from discovery to final payment was on their site.

The Checkout Conversion Report™ analyzes the overall checkout conversion trends that have emerged from the first three issues of the Checkout Conversion Index™ from 2016.  


  • The top merchant categories, including Sporting Goods, Apparel & Accessories and Mass Merchant Retailers, each increased their CCI score this quarter.
  • Meanwhile, the bottom three categories, including Marketing, Subscription, Retail and Travel, each scores decrease.
  • Merchants had the largest average CCI score growth based on merchant size, with a mean increase of 6.57 percent. Medium to Large merchants still saw growth, but had the smallest average growth rate, with an average increase of 2.44 percent.

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