Buy Button Report - July 2017

Buy Button Report - July 2017

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Of all the analogs of physical things found on the internet — the magnifying glass, speaker, map — none perhaps is more pervasive than the button. Just look at how Facebook’s “reaction buttons” now ll news feeds. Pressing a button offers the promise of simple and immediate satisfaction. So we shouldn’t be too surprised that “buy buttons” have proliferated the way they have on eCommerce websites. Consumers get the instant grati cation of buying something they want, without even having to bother with an auto ll form, and merchants get a direct path from shopping cart to sale.

In October 2016, took stock of the buy button trend. We found that a solid majority of main eCommerce sites offered them, with the eld dominated by PayPal, whose two-tone blue button has achieved icon status since its launch nearly 20 years ago. Amazon’s pay button was a respectable but distant second, followed by other relative newcomers to the digital wallet game, such as Visa Checkout, Mastercard’s Masterpass and Amex Express Checkout, from American Express.

We’ve decided to return to the subject of buy buttons, and one thing that our new research makes clear is that their popularity has only grown. And while the rising tide has lifted (almost) all boats, it’s the big ships, PayPal and Amazon, that have seen the greatest gains in terms of the number of merchants that have these buttons. The PayPal button can now be found on a higher number of online retailers’ websites, in comparison to our previous report.

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