99Bill - Hot Out of the Gates but Sustainable?

99Bill - Hot Out of the Gates but Sustainable?

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99Bill one of China's newest players in online payments is also one of the fastest growing ones. 99Bill aggressively markets its services to end users in contrast to competitors such as IPS and Chinapay which target merchants instead. 99Bill claims one of the largest user bases among China's third-party payment providers today. However despite the company's fast-growing user base 99Bill's bottom line like most of its competitors is still in the red. In this report we detail 99Bill's growth strategy services and partnerships and analyze whether 99Bill's aggressive user acquisition strategy is sustainable in China’s payments sector.


Key Topics


·        99Bill has a fast growing registered user base currently standing at 20 million.

·        99Bill's top products sold include China Mobile prepaid cards.

·        Registered users can become 99Bill agents and sell China Mobile prepaid cards through 99Bill.

·        99Bill offers a variety of non-bank payment options including payment through cash remittance and through the use of China Mobile top-up cards.


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Maverick China Research is a China-based market research firm founded in 2006. We provide business-to-business research and market entry services for clients seeking opportunities in China. We have published over 20 major reports on key industry sectors and companies in China and provide tailored research and consulting services to clients from a broad range of sectors; areas of expertise include electronic payments and e-commerce, telecommunications, agriculture and medical devices. Typical projects include feasibility studies, partner searches, due diligence, and long-term sector tracking.

Published: December 2007

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