About The PYMNTS Report Store®

The PYMNTS Report Store® publishes research reports, with analysis and statistics, on anything and everything that concerns the present and future of payments around the globe. The reports have insights that executives need in making critical decisions about the future of payments for their companies.

The PYMNTS Report Store® is an open platform like the “App Stores” in the mobile world. Anyone in the know, anywhere in the world, can write a report and sell it to anyone who needs to know, anywhere in the world. Our platform is a place where buyers and sellers, of research, analysis, and knowledge can get together.

PYMNTS Reports are written by consultants, financial journalists, researchers, academics, and others in know. is the premier source for news, analysis, and expert-driven commentary on "what's next" in payments, worldwide. A mash-up of mobile payments, loyalty, issuing, processing, regulation, and more, is also where companies turn first to popularize new products, generate leads and demonstrate thought leadership. A joint venture between industry leaders Business Wire and Market Platform Dynamics, is the global one-stop-shop for relevant, interesting, and interactive content on the worldwide payments industry.


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