Unattended Retail Tracker - April 2016

Unattended Retail Tracker - April 2016

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The Unattended Retail TrackerTM, powered by USA Technologies, serves as a bimonthly framework for the space, providing coverage of the most recent news and trends, as well as a provider directory to highlight the key players contributing across the segments that comprise the expansive unattended retail ecosystem.
In this month’s edition, we profiled 26 players and sat down with YOTEL to discuss how their desire to bring speed and efficiency to hotel booking through self-service check-in has resulted in a global business model devoted toward automating services that bring value to guests. 
The news highlights also touch on the growth of the self-service tech market, how advancing technologies are moving the point of purchase forward, and the case for integrating loyalty and rewards to keep consumers coming back for more.

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