The Green Sheet - Payments Industry Update, May 2012 (Free)

The Green Sheet - Payments Industry Update, May 2012 (Free)

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The following report sheds light on import happenings and news in the payments industry. A quick summary of key articles in this issue to help keep you up-to-date on the latest hot topics in the payments industry. 

Cover Story - The POS of tomorrow. Page 1 and 55

The Internet and mobile devices are transforming the POS. Although traditional POS terminals are not going away, the entire retail environment is moving toward fluid, decen- tralized payments. Industry experts agree that ISOs and merchant level salespeople (MLSs) must understand the ins and outs of new payment technology, or go the way of the "knuckle buster." 

Feature - Banks seek relevance with prepaid. Page 35 

It is ironic that banks are now adopting prepaid card pro- grams to attract the very customers they pushed away to prepaid card providers in the first place. The co-founder of delves into how banks are going about that delicate courtship. 

Feature - Customer support's centrality to open transit payments. Page 36

Municipalities and mass transit authorities recognize the ef- ficiencies inherent in "open" mass transit payment systems. Equally important is the need for prepaid card components to such systems. A report issued by the Philadelphia Fed's payment card center highlighted one problematic but neces- sary aspect of prepaid for mass transit: customer support. 

Feature - Top 10 best practices for fighting credit card theft and fraud. Page 77

Fraudsters have a built-in advantage over defenses built to guard against their attacks; they are always on the offensive. Among the best ways to turn the tables on data thieves is to transform a defensive system into a multilayered offense, to form incident response "Hazmat" teams, and to implement enterprise-wide training and best practices. 

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Founded in 1983 by industry pioneer Paul H. Green, The Green Sheet Inc. was the first publisher to focus exclusively on the payment industry's ISO and merchant level salesperson channel.

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